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I hate feeling lonely :-( 
I think the thing I miss most about camp is that you are never lonely
There are always people around who love and support you

While I”m here I feel like I never have anyone who actually cares or takes the time to check on me…. 

I guess that is why I skype so much and why I have been watching so much Psych lately… :-/ 

I really don’t like this feeling… I think it would be easier for me if I was actually working and not waiting on  hearing if I had a job or not… Maybe I would sleep once again after that happens. I feel like I have not slept in weeks. 

That probably helps in why I have been so lonely as well… I really miss my camp family, my air man, my climbing friends, and who else makes me feel like I have a hope in the world. :-( 

Missing my camp family….. just saying. 

Missing my camp family….. just saying.